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Canon PIXMA MP480 ReviewCanon MP480 Printer

Reviewer: Tim Benson     
Printer Type: All-in-One - Wireless/Inkjet 
Overall Rating: 2/5     
At this point, the Canon PIXMA MP480 Photo All-In-One Printer is if nothing else an extremely affordable unit, and as such it’s not a bad option, despite its problems, for users on a budget and/or those who don’t expect too much in terms of performance.  There certainly are much better printers available currently, even within the MP480’s general class, though.
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If you’re going to purchase a value-priced printer, you’ll likely expect that it won’t be too fussy, and the MP480 certainly isn’t.  Like most Canons, the MP480 is very easy to assemble, with only a couple of simple steps necessary, and to install.  The packaged software is decent if not spectacular.  It’s also a reasonably well built unit despite its low price, and also very small and lightweight.  Of course, you might want to make sure that it’s not in an area where you’re going to be bumping into it, as it does have some flimsy points, especially the output tray.
The print quality and speed provided by the MP480 are adequate.  Its photo print quality stands up especially well, despite the “value” nature of the printer.  You can expect to get very accurate, vivid colors, although some users do complain about slightly disappointing color fidelity in portraits.  The text print quality of the MP480 is also very good overall.
As an all-in-one, the MP480 comes with an integrated scanner and copier, which are also adequate unto themselves.  It doesn’t have fax capability, though, as some all-in-ones, even value-priced ones, do.  Again, though, the main point in the MP480’s favor is value, as you can find this printer now for well under $100.
The MP480 does have its share of problems, though.  Its print speed was mediocre even when it was first released, and that’s even compared to its contemporary budget printers.  The graphics print quality is also somewhat disappointing, and any kind of intensive graphics will see significant amounts of color bleed.
The MP480’s LCD display, at 1.8 inches, looks even smaller than that, and it is so hard to read and use that it’s virtually useless.  The MP480 is also plagued by very loud warmup noises, and almost-as-loud printing volume.  It doesn’t have an input tray, which is an amazing omission for even such a basic package.
The MP480 offers only 24-bit scanning, which isn’t really up to current standards.  Its copier is decent in terms of function, but does tend to make images a little darker, rendering them unreadable in rare cases.  Its two-tank ink system has its problems as well.  The MP480 isn’t expensive on its own, but printer ink still is, and you might end up paying a lot more over the long term, even with a relatively moderate amount of printing.
Of course, the most important point about the MP480 is its price, and that’s probably what really matters if you’re even considering this printer.  The MP480 shouldn’t give you too much to worry about – it’ll do the job well enough for casual users, and it’s still adequate in the role of a family printer, as long as you’re not going to be doing too much printing. 
On the other hand, even in this reduced capacity, you may still notice some inadequacies in the MP480, especially if you’re printing things like graphs.  You may want to consider a unit such as the Canon PIXMA MP490, which is also well within the “affordable” range, but performs significantly better in just about every way.  

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