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Canon PIXMA MX330 ReviewCanon MX330 Printer

Reviewer: Tim Benson
Printer Type: All-in-One, Inkjet  
Overall Rating: 4/5  

The Canon PIXMA MX330 Inkjet All-In-One Printer is a well-rounded printer whose best feature is its price point, which makes it probably the best value-priced all-in-one printer on the market.  Although the print quality of the MX330 isn’t top-end, it does everything that most families and casual users would ever need at a more than adequate level of fidelity.

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The MX330 offers a wide range of features.  The copier, scanner, and fax aspects of this model all have a decent variety of features unto themselves; in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find standalone fax machines or copiers that do the same things at this price anymore.  The MX330 is also a user-friendly package with respect to both the printer itself and the packaged Canon software suite, which includes photo editing software that should meet the needs of most everyday users.  Also, the LCD screen, while a bit smaller at 2.5” than those found on some higher-end models, is a rare feature for a printer in this price range.

In terms of size, the MX330 is pretty compact for an all-in-one, although this aspect of its design seems likely to become the standard from this point on, and newer models may even exceed it in this respect.  The MX330 does have an auto-document feeder, another rare feature for a value-priced printer, which essentially tacks an additional 30 pages onto the input capacity of 100, although this feature will take up a little more space if deployed.

The MX330 prints reliably well on a wide variety of media.  Photo print quality is passable for small pictures, although it obviously doesn’t measure up to dedicated photo printers.  Text print quality on the MX330 is close enough to professional quality, but graphics print quality may in fall short of what is required for business purposes in cases in which a lot of detail is necessary.  Print speed across the board is on par with mid-range stand-alone inkjets, which is impressive from such an affordable printer.

Although the MX330 can print directly from cameras with PictBridge capability, the absence of memory card or Memory Stick reading functionality is a sore spot, particularly considering the model’s otherwise family-friendly feature set.  The MX330 only uses two ink cartridges, one black and one colour, and they can deplete quickly no matter what sort of material you’re printing.  In this respect, the MX330 is good for users who do a reasonable amount of everyday printing, but people who expect to print a lot may want to look elsewhere, as the price of ink cartridges can add up over time, cancelling out the affordable aspect of the printer.  Print speed isn’t exactly great either, especially for photos.  Also, the MX330’s on-board controls aren’t completely intuitive – it isn’t always totally clear what the buttons on the printer itself too, and trying to print directly from a camera can be a frustrating experience, especially if there are a lot of photos to scroll through.

Value is, by far, the MX330’s strong point.  At its price point of roughly $100, the MX330 offers quality to spare.  It’s a can’t-miss choice for households and other everyday users who expect to be doing a bit of everything, and not too much of any one thing, as this is where the printer’s weaknesses can start to show up.

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