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Canon PIXMA IP4600 ReviewCanon IP4600 Printer

Reviewer: Tim Benson  
Printer Type: Photo, Inkjet 
Overall Rating: 4/5  

The Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer is one of the few printers to be released this year in the $100 price range which focuses specifically on photo printing, as opposed to the value-priced all-in-one printer-scanner-copier-faxes that are so popular these days.  As a stand-alone photo printer, the iP4600 is an excellent choice for individuals or businesses that don’t want – or need – to spend a lot of money on a serviceable photo printer.

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The iP4600 is a no frills machine.  It doesn’t the fax, copier or scanner functionality that the all-in-ones have, and, as a result, it’s significantly more compact than most of these printers are, at about 17 x 12 x 6 inches.  That being said, when the iP4600 is in use, you’ll have to roll out the loading and output trays, which aren’t huge, but will require an extra several inches both above and in front of the printer.  If you have a bit more space available, you can take advantage of the iP4600’s built-in 150-sheet feeder, which should be more than adequate for the needs of most users at this level.

The iP4600 is very easy to set up and install, even in comparison to other modern peripherals; this is a hallmark of Canon’s Pixma printers, and this model is no different.  It should take about 10 minutes to unbox the iP4600 and get going.  Once it’s set up, the iP4600 is easy to use, as well, although this may be just as expected, as it’s not an overly complicated printer.  You can print from your computer, through a USB connection, or directly from a camera through a PictBridge port.

The iP4600 has adequate print speed, clocking in at under three minutes in total for an 8 ½ x 11 inch photo printed directly from Photoshop.  The print quality is very good, especially taking the price into consideration; you won’t get professional-quality photos from the iP4600, but you will get quality that is in many cases superior to 24-hour in-store development labs.  Even black and white photos come out looking very sharp, which is perhaps a bit surprising, as even more expensive photo printers have been known to have trouble with monochrome.  Overall, the iP4600 produces a level of print quality which is more than adequate for business or casual purposes.

There are some drawbacks, though.  The iP4600 isn’t a heavy-duty printer in any sense, and it’s somewhat less sturdily built than previous Canon PIXMA models.  Users who keep the printer on their desk or in other areas of heavy activity will need to be careful.

The text print quality from the iP4600 isn’t great, although, again, it’s suitable for everyday use.  Although this model uses an efficient five-tank system, the ink replacements can become expensive over time, so it’s perhaps not all that appropriate for heavy use in this respect either.  Also, the ink used in the iP4600 tends to cause the paper to curl when printing larger images, so it may be necessary for some users to invest in heavier paper.

 In terms of functionality, there are some areas in which the iP4600 is a bit of a letdown.  The compactness of the printer comes at the expense of certain functions that are otherwise on their way to “standard” status, such as an LCD readout or any type of card reading functionality.  There are no built-in networking options in the IP4600 either, which is somewhat outdated for a printer released in 2009, even at this price point.

That being said, the drawbacks to the iP4600 are relatively minor.  Although this model might seem a bit too niche in this day and age, as a value-priced yet dedicated photo printer, it nevertheless is easy to recommend for users who do have a need for this type of product, as the print quality in almost all respects is excellent.  The iP4600 is a great choice for users who might already have a laser printer or comparable unit for high-frequency text or graphics printing purposes but would like a little more pop for their photo printing.

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