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Canon PIXMA IP4700 ReviewCanon PIXMA iP4700 Premium

Reviewer: Tim Benson  
Printer Type: Premium Photo, Inkjet 
Overall Rating: Top Marks! 5/5  
When it comes to dedicated inkjet photo printers, currently, you can’t really get any better than the Canon PIXMA iP4700 Premium Inkjet Photo Printer.  The iP4700 doesn’t come with a lot of extra bells and whistles, but it does bring the highest quality photo printing available from an inkjet printer.
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Right out of the box, the iP4700 is very easy to set up, use, and maintain.  You can get to printing photos in a matter of minutes after unboxing this unit.  The iP4700 will print from your computer, or directly from a PictBridge-capable digital camera.  The bundled software is fairly useful as well, and this time around it includes Auto Photo Fix II, a nice little utility that will automatically and accurately correct color, contrast and brightness issues a lot of the time.  This can take a lot of the fuss out of photo printing, especially for people who aren’t all that well-versed in some of the more advanced utilities out there.
What really matters for a photo printer, of course, is print quality, and this is where the iP4700 really shines.  First of all, text quality is very good, largely thanks to the addition of a black pigment tank.  Colors in graphics and photos are very accurate, and there’s almost no banding noticeable, even with difficult images.  Perhaps most impressively, monochrome fidelity is also excellent with the iP4700.  This is probably the best inkjet photo printer yet in terms of photo print quality, which is especially noticeable when you’re using photo paper and the highest quality settings – you’re sure to get excellent photos every time.  Granted, the iP4700 isn’t quite up to the standard of the highest-end pigment-based professional photo printers, but it’s not too far off, really.  Also, print speed has been increased slightly since the iP4600, resulting in reasonably fast if not blazing photos.
With that said, there are some nagging issues with the iP4700 which, hopefully, Canon will consider improving upon in the future.  The iP4700 lacks wireless or other built-in networking capability, which is a bit of a disappointment.  Beyond the PictBridge port, there’s no media reading capability, either, so you’ll likely find yourself printing from the computer exclusively; this is perfectly fine for some people, but others may find it a bit of an annoyance.
The iP4700 isn’t all that different from its predecessor, the iP4600.  Since you might be able to find the prior model at a better price, it may be worth considering going with the iP4600 instead, since the improvements aren’t that significant.  However, all of the points against the iP4700 are decidedly minor in nature.  Even the most ardent photography enthusiasts will find very little to complain about with this unit.
There isn’t a better inkjet photo printer on the market currently than the iP4700.  It’s by no means overpriced, either, and as such it’s definitely beyond worthy of a strong recommendation.  The drawbacks to the iP4700 are quite minor, although there may be some users who are unable to forgive the lack of media reading capability. 
The strength of the iP4700, however, is photo print quality, which most prospective users are likely to agree is the most important thing.  For an inkjet printer, the iP4700 really does produce virtually flawless photos, and while it could have used some extra features, it’s a very strong choice for anyone who’s in the market for a reasonably priced photo printer.

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