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  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF50 Review
    You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal on a competent large format printer than what you can get for the iPF500. The iPF500 does everything you should need to a good enough level that it’s well worth considering. In fact, if you anticipate needing to print on a large variety of media, the iPF500 might just suit you better than even some of Canon’s more recent large format units.
  • Canon ImageClass MF4350D Review
    The MF4350d works more than adequately as a value choice. There isn’t anything seriously wrong with this printer – it’s just not quite as good as some of the others in its category. If the savings are a must, and you feel like you can do without some of the added features that other units have, the MF4350d does just enough to warrant a recommendation.
  • Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Review
    The Pro9000 Mark II is well-positioned in terms of price. It’s currently priced at about $100 less than some of the top-end photo printers – a significant savings – while offering most of the quality that you’ll get from these printers. As such, it’s about right for an enthusiast, as opposed to a professional, who may be let down by the Pro9000 Mark II’s ink-based color and slight lack of advanced functionality.
  • Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II Review
    The Pro9500 Mark II is expensive, to be sure. That being said, if you’re even considering it, you probably know what you’re getting into as far as a monetary investment goes. The Pro9500 Mark II is the best printer in its class in terms of print quality, and that’s what really matters. What’s more, there really isn’t anything about it to seriously criticize. If you’re looking to spend this kind of money on a printer, you can do no better.
  • Canon SELPHY ES30 Review
    If you’re in need of a compact printer, the type you can take to different places and comfortably plug-and-play with a variety of interfaces and media types, the ES30 could be the one to go with. There aren’t any compact printers that are significantly better at the moment, and the ES30 certainly does have its own strong points. However, if you aren’t sure that you really need the compact aspect of the printer, you might want to consider going with a different unit, as you can easily find printers that produce much nicer-looking photos at the same price or lower.
  • Canon SELPHY CP760 Review
    Prospective buyers of the CP760 might want to make sure that they have a source for the ink and, especially, the type of paper that this printer requires. (At the time of review the paper is still available from the Canon website.) Despite the limitations of the CP760, it’s still an excellent choice for the price.
  • Canon SELPHY CP780 Review
    The CP780 is certainly compact, and it is reasonably mobile in terms of utility. However, even if you’re set on getting a compact printer, there are better options, even for the price, such as the Canon SELPHY ES30, which is superior to the CP780 in just about every way. The CP780’s picture quality is good enough for what you might expect from a printer like this, but it isn’t great, and that’s why it’s difficult to fully recommend this unit.
  • Canon PIXMA MX330 Review
    The Canon PIXMA MX330 Inkjet All-In-One Printer is a well-rounded printer whose best feature is its price point, which makes it probably the best value-priced all-in-one printer on the market. Although the print quality of the MX330 isn’t top-end, it does everything that most families and casual users would ever need at a more than adequate level of fidelity.
  • Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Review
    For a mobile printer, the iP100 is altogether too reliant on wires. You’re essentially paying a premium for mobility, as a non-mobile printer with otherwise similar features would be about half the price, but since the iP100’s mobility comes with so many provisos, it’s hard to recommend fully.
  • Canon PIXMA IP3600 Review
    Exceptional value for under $100 though for a few more bucks you can get a IP4500 – not that there is any wrong with the IP3600. It all depends on just what you are after. If you are after a simple printer and that’s it – this may be the one for you, as it does not have a duplex function.
  • Canon PIXMA IP4500 Review
    The first thing about the Canon PIXMA IP 4500 that surprised me was the speed. It leaves other printers in its class for dead. I would go as far to say that it is up there with bottom end laser printers. The IP4500 throws out an average of 12ppm of text and prints complex graphics at speeds from 3ppm to 3.7ppm.
  • Canon PIXMA iP4600 Review
    That being said, the drawbacks to the iP4600 are relatively minor. Although this model might seem a bit too niche in this day and age, as a value-priced yet dedicated photo printer, it nevertheless is easy to recommend for users who do have a need for this type of product, as the print quality in almost all respects is excellent. The iP4600 is a great choice for users who might already have a laser printer or comparable unit for high-frequency text or graphics printing purposes but would like a little more pop for their photo printing.
  • Canon PIXMA iP4700 Review
    For an inkjet printer, the iP4700 really does produce virtually flawless photos, and while it could have used some extra features, it’s a very strong choice for anyone who’s in the market for a reasonably priced photo printer.
  • Canon PIXMA MP560 Review
    The Canon MP560’s price is a decent point in its favor, but in general, this model has a lot of flaws and doesn’t meet with Canon’s usual high standards. It might be a decent choice for people who expect to print photos infrequently, as it’s fine in this capacity. For most other common purposes, though, and especially for business users or other users who expect to be printing a lot, there are better options, such as Canon’s MP990. Unless you’re getting a fantastic deal, give the MP560 a pass
  • Canon PIXMA MP480 Review
    At this point, the Canon PIXMA MP480 Photo All-In-One Printer is if nothing else an extremely affordable unit, and as such it’s not a bad option, despite its problems, for users on a budget and/or those who don’t expect too much in terms of performance. There certainly are much better printers available currently, even within the MP480’s general class,
  • Canon PIXMA MP490 Review
    The Canon PIXMA MP490 Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer is a sure-fire value pick, at a suggested retail price of about $100. The low price is sure to be the main attraction for most consumers, but when it comes down to it, the MP490 is just a good printer that does everything an everyday user will need it to, as well as it’s needed to, with plenty of reliability – as long as you don’t expect to be doing a ton of printing.
  • Canon PIXMA MP610 Review
    The canon PIXMA MP610 is essentially a upgraded MP600, with a slightly higher price tag. The scanner now scans up to 9600dpi x 4800dpi which is four times the resolution of the MP600. Another new feature is its ability to automatically correct photo images which are connected via a memory card or camera. This works very well.
  • Canon PIXMA MP620 Review
    For under $150 this is a true multifunction printer which performs not only text and photo prints but can also scan, read flash memory cards, connect wirelessly either with WiFi, Bluetooth or a even a cell phone. TheMP620 holds 150 sheets in the input tray, which is located below the printer and a second tray is available at the back of the printer. The second tray can be used to load glossy photo sheets or more paper.
  • Canon PIXMA MP980 Review
    This new all-in-one printer, the Canon Pixma MP980, is the replacement for the MP970 and it comes crammed with features. It's an all-in-one in the strict sense of the phrase. It prints scans and copies with a click of a button or mouse. It has a large LCD screen situated on top of the printer and a six peice ink system, which prints exceptionally attractive photo prints. It also has built-in networking with wireless capabilities.
  • Canon PIXMA MP990 Review
    There’s no more well-rounded printer on the market, and the wireless aspect of the MP990 is something that has been sorely missing from previous units. If you’re in need of an all-in-one printer, you really can’t go wrong with the MP990, which more than justifies its price tag with superb performance.
  • Canon PIXMA MX860 Review
    A marginally slow inkjet All In One printer from canon that offers Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity and auto duplex. What makes up for the slow speeds is the excellent print quality and a mass array of great features which the Canon PIXMA MX860 presents. It’s reasonably cheap alternative and especially compared to laser All in One printers if you are only need to print small amounts at a time. The Canon PIXMA MX860 isn’t as fast as its competitive laser printers, but then again its 1/3 of the cost.




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