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Canon SELPHY CP760 Printer ReviewSELPHY CP760 Printer

Reviewer: Tim Benson 
Printer Type: Compact Photo, Inkjet      
Overall Rating: 4/5 

Although newer models have since been released, the Canon SELPHY CP760 Compact Photo Printer is still a safe choice for casual photo printing purposes.  It’s not the most powerful printer on the market, but it handles everyday photo printing just fine, and for the tasks it does handle, the quality is comparable even to newer, more expensive models.

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The CP760 is a very user-friendly printer, even as far as Canon printers go; it’s easy to set up and install, and even the most casual users should be up and running in a matter of minutes.  It connects to a computer via USB cable or Bluetooth wireless connection, although the accessories necessary for Bluetooth operation are not included.  The CP760 can also print directly from a number of alternate media sources, including PictBridge-compatible cameras, SD memory cards, MMC cards, Memory Sticks, certain Flash cards, and certain other storage devices.  The CP760’s full-color digital display will allow you to preview your photos even without the use of a computer, and apply utilities such as red-eye correction and some photo effects features.

Compared to other dye-sublimation photo printers, the CP760 is relatively fast at a little over 60 seconds per photo, although printing directly from a memory card or other similar source takes a few extra seconds.  The color fidelity and print quality of the CP760 are generally more than adequate for everyday printing purposes, although there are some common complaints with this model: there is some slight banding noticeable when some types of fine details, such as the ever-popular bicycle wheel, are present in the photo; and colors are maybe a little too vibrant and not completely realistic.  The CP760 does produce fairly durable photos, especially for an otherwise “light-duty” photo printer.

The dye-sublimation process is what lends the CP760 some of its convenient aspects, but it does have some drawbacks as well.  This printer requires the use of proprietary Canon paper and ink, which can be difficult to find and slightly expensive over the long term.

The “compact” aspect of the CP760 is somewhat lessened by the fact that, when you’re actually printing photos, you have to extend the tray of the printer, which increases its footprint by several inches at both ends.  The CP760 will only accommodate up to 4 x 8” photo paper, which is fine for the most part for everyday use.  While it’s compact, the CP760 isn’t really portable, as it works only on AC power.  Also, the LCD display is a bit on the small side and doesn’t include a tilt function, which can actually make previewing some photos a physically uncomfortable experience, especially when it’s not always clear what the printer’s on-board buttons do.

Canon has since released a newer model in this series, the SELPHY CP780.  However, the CP760 still stands up as a good value-priced choice for casual photo printing; in fact, it’s probably a better value now than it was when it was first released, as its price has decreased more than its quality relative to other printers.  Prospective buyers of the CP760 might want to make sure that they have a source for the ink and, especially, the type of paper that this printer requires.  (At the time of review the paper is still available from the Canon website.)  Despite the limitations of the CP760, it’s still an excellent choice for the price.

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