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General Printer Troubleshooting Guide

How to uninstall a Printer - Windows

Windows Xp
1) Select Start Menu - Settings - Printers/faxes, Then right-click the Printer
2) Select Delete; and say Yes to delete related files, if asked.

Windows Vista
1) Select Start - Control Panel - Printers
2) Click on the selected printer, Right click and choose Delete (delete all related files, if asked)

Printer is printing blank pages

1) Reinstall your drivers, Restart your computer.
2) Check Ink is not empty or old – Old ink may dry up and fail
3) Check that the printer is set as “Default Printer” under control panel
4) Perform maintenance task on your printer, such as feeder/roller cleaning

Printer not printing colors correctly

1) Check black ink, because the black ink is still needed to print colors
2) Check both color and black Ink is not empty or old – Old ink may dry up and fail
3) Perform the cleaning maintenance on your printer, such as feeder & roller cleaning

The paper starts to feed, but when I try to print it stops feeding

1) Dirty rollers can hinder the advancing of the paper. They may be a tad difficult to reach on some printers but if reachable try cleaning them with a cloth and some alcohol. Make sure the printer is unplugged and off before performing this task

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